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Our C3 Cares outreach arm is all about giving back to society to reveal the love of God. We focus on two communities in Pasig where the members live under the poverty line & we’ve partnered with a local NGO to support victims of human trafficking and support the staff there as well. We believe in bringing change not just one off good deeds so our aim is to support groups longterm and see a lifelong impact made for their community. Because of this we run life enrichment programs & feeding programs, Alpha courses and worship services for victims of human trafficking & we have a huge vision to see the love of Jesus spread more through acts of kindness expressed in so many different ways all around the city of Metro Manila.

Its Time for change

Because we want life long transformation not just one off blessing in peoples lives we make sure that our outreaches are in areas we have access to local C3 churches that can support and encourage them in connect groups and weekly church services. We believe in holistic support for the community so we have run programs on health & hygiene, relationships support, & feeding programs. We have a dream to run job skills training, medical missions, alcohol and addiction rehabilitation, money management training, sustainability support systems, childcare for working parents and building projects within the local community. We are dreaming big we know, but we serve a big God.

If you would like to partner with us and join us for one of our local outreaches please email us for information about the next upcoming C3 Cares event.



    Our first and foremost goal is that peoples relationship with God is strengthened and enriched.


    Family is the backbone of our society & with great healthy relationships people thrive.


    Our goal is to see C3 Cares equip and empower the community to find jobs, succeed in their careers, & find identity and a purpose.


    Our goal is to see people find financial freedom through money management skills, savings skills and freedom from debt.


    We aim to teach people about physical health – from nutrition to exercise, from first aid to free doctors appointments. We want people to be empowered to make wise decision regarding their own health & the health of their family.


    Our goal is to see lives set free from the devastation that drug and alcohol addiction brings to families and communities. With addictions broken, jobs can be maintained, finances are freed up & relationships can be restored.

Population under the poverty line
Unemployment Rate
15-19yr old girls are already mothers
Families experience hunger
Families do not have access to safe water

If you would like to sponsor C3 Cares and help us implement some of our dreams you can do so below by making a one off or recurring donation. You may like to donate food, clothing or other products to help us as well or if you would like to help volunteer in our outreaches please email us on the link below.

Your support goes a long way to changing a community.

C3 Cares Donation Form
Thank you for your support. Without the generous donations we recieve from our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to see an impact happen in the lives of the C3 Cares recipients.