Manila a city for Christ
Stop going to church because you have to;
start going because you want to.

Church is not just a religious task we tick off our list of things to do in order to go to heaven. Church is powerful, church is life changing, church is God’s house, a place where we can encounter God & make the great exchange; our sins for his righteousness.

We don’t want to be a boring church. Jesus wasn’t boring and the bible is filled with incredibly exciting stories. Church is meant to be fun, relevant and powerful. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, we allow time for worship & we make sure every service we’re having fun while hearing a life changing message from the bible. We believe church should change us, make us better and set us up to live our best lives.

We see C3 Metro Manila being one church in many locations. We see a move of God sweeping through Metro Manila that ends up with people streaming into and being planted in the local church. The local church is God’s answer to transforming both society and individuals. This move of God is founded in several things…Firstly and most importantly is love. A genuine love that is both unconditional and unfailing. A love so pure and so strong that it causes people to be completely transformed. A love that is overwhelming and contagious.

We see spirit led worship being released that ushers in the presence of God, worship that creates an open heaven because there is an understanding and reverence of who it is we are worshiping.

We see the grace of God sweeping through metro manila setting people free from being dry and bound up. This grace will consume legalism and loveless religion and see people come alive.

We see the creative arts being restored to the house of God, where people can express themselves freely without being squished or told to conform to the traditions of old.

We see the power of God and the gifts of the spirit being released in a real, raw and relevant way. The power of God, which is an incomparably great power and a resurrection power.

We see this move of God being so strong that millions of people become spirit filled Christians and it effects every area of society and it puts an end to poverty, corruption and human trafficking. We See Spirit filled churches taking over the biggest venues in Metro Manila to worship the one true God in a way that is pleasing to him.
Lets lay down our lives and follow him – We have a city to reach!

We are a church community that is committed to carrying the Presence of God.
Our preaching is not just cerebral and about biblical principals but our messages have a prophetic edge to them, they are birthed in prayer and the studying of the scriptures.
Our worship is spirit led and we leave room to breathe in our worship sets.
We believe in miracles and the gifts of the spirit – our faith is in the power of God and not the wisdom of man.
We believe church is a Family that we belong to and not just a service we attend. Everyone is welcome in C3MM, we don’t condemn or judge people we love them and want to see them live life to the full.
We are deeply committed to each other; we encourage one another, believe the best in each other, support each other and uphold each other in prayer.
We are servant hearted, and believe we all have a part to play, we don’t just attend church for ourselves but we understand it’s better to give then to receive.
We are a church about discipleship, we want to journey with people and see them grow to maturity in their walk with God.
We believe in serving the poor and helping to fight social injustice.
To sum this up we have our Mantra which is …We desire to see every C3 Metro Manila Member, Spiritually Alive, Deeply Committed, Secure in their identity and Radically inclusive